Monday, July 21, 2008

No Room At The Inn

On the weekend, two friends of my Monster went away for a romantic retreat at a B and B in York (over here somewhere, maybe down south?). When they got there and the owners realised they were two men, they were offered twin beds. 'No need', they replied. 'We're a couple.'

Then they were told to leave.

Grrr! Will post more details here as I get them, including the name of the establishment. Not sure that they will want to make much of a fuss, but the bunch of passionate queer women and monsters in the pub yesterday were ready to start printing shirts and writing reports for the local queer press immediately. I mean, what the hell is THAT about? Refused entry for BEING GAY??? No idea whether it is legal or not, given that B and B's MIGHT be technically private residences and so not fall under same anti-discrimination laws etc. But I do think that the folk in question need to be made at least as uncomfortable as they made the boys feel.

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