Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Rattler/Queer Mad F^%kers Tea Party

The Red Rattler Theatre incorporating the BLACK ROUGE Artist Studios ( is a new not-for-profit venue and social centre located at Marrickville . Located in an industrial area, the warehouse space aims to be a comfortable, inclusive, welcoming, accessible venue for local community events (eg, performance, music, sound, film festivals, workshops, cook-ups, meetings, exhibitions, fundraisers). A small area upstairs, the Black Rouge Artists Studios, is intended to be offered to artists on fixed-term residencies.

The Red Rattler is run by a collective of volunteers. We are aiming to create the greenest and most sustainable space of its kind in Sydney. Any funds made through the Rattler will contribute to increasing our energy efficiency and implementing our 3 yr sustainability plan.

And as a fundraiser...



Saturday August 30, 9pm. Doors close 11.30pm, finished very very late.
Location: The Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville (near the bowlo - address when you rsvp). Cost: $20/$15 con

A playparty for women, boiz, grlz, queer men, and anything in between. For your entertainment:Adonis (from Ghetto Pussy),Glita Supanova (of Gurlesque), Wife, DJ Gemma & Suprise DJ.

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