Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Perth Is A Cultural Wasteland'

Or so people had told me before I arrived here. 'Its tiny, there are no clubs, the beer is shite, you won't last a week!'seemed to be the general consensus, yet in less than two weeks being here I have: seen Pugsley Buzzard Watering Can do a ridiculous set at Feral Brewery; watched the sun set OVER the ocean; attended a film festival; participated in an international conference; learned to appreciate Swan Draught, and pints, at the Court, whilst cruising Bears; done two photo shoots; danced my arse off in a Kooky-esque club (Zoo), twice; gone to some sort of dyke drinks night... and next week attending Short Performance night/s at PICA, and many road trips and arty adventures already in the planning, and apparently there is some freaky taxidermy museum worth visiting and... I love it here. (And NOT just because of the Monster, as much as that helps.)

Life, and Perth, be what you make it.



Blogger Urban (r)Evolutionary said...


the difference in Perth is that entertainment and interest needs to be actively sought out - it's there, just not on tap.

and screw swan draught.. get into our local boutique beers, they're ace. :)

11:52 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

True, but I think I am used to having to seek out the good stuff anyway! Sure, we do have lots of interesting mainstream art and performance thrust at us in Sydney (Biennale, Opera House program, a zillion theatre companies etc) but you still need to do a bit of digging to find the really quirky gems. It is in my nature to hunt :)

Re the Beer, well, I have to embrace my inner bogan somehow! And the Court on a Friday night did not seem to warrant any posh boutique beverages. Swan, scrubbers and shite music- PERFECT!

11:57 am  

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