Monday, July 21, 2008

* Update * No Room At The Inn

Now, just in case you were wondering where NOT to book into next time you be in York, WA, that place would be Wansbrough House Heritage Cottage B&B. Circa 1859 apparently, so presumably the views of the proprietors are heritage listed.

'Wansbrough House has earned a proud record over ten years of providing a restful, friendly, clean, quiet, top class and unique experience. Our website lists a random selection of testimonials. We are happy to discuss your special needs prior to confirmation of booking.'

Click here to read more about their rudimentary French and colonial charms.

Now, if only our mates had realised that being gay fell into the category of 'special needs' maybe this all could have been averted. Grrr.

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Blogger Rachel said...

praps its a WA thing! Have my own hassle at the moment, though nothing to do with being gay (unless they have ESP).

R: my hotel booking when I come to Perth in September for conferencing. The cheaper hotels lined up by the conference organisers had sold out so have to find my own. Thought I had it all lined up - Miss Maud's, right price/location, wireless in room etc, promise of lovely Swedish breakfast 'smorgasbord'. confirmed on internet with c/c, pay when I get there - usual deal, yeah?

Found yesterday they had charged my c/c with one night's accommodation as a deposit, despite no mention of this in their terms and conditions or in my booking acknowledgement.

Phoned them, they have a 'new system' less than a month old and that's how they do things now. Best they could do to fix it was offer to cancel my accom, which I did. And found another hotel which doesn't need a deposit.

My work will pay for it in the end but I don't get the $ until just before I get there so I'm carrying that on my c/c for 2 months. Quite apart from the fact that THEY DIDN'T SAY THEY WERE DOING THAT.

Wrote polite nasty letter to Miss Maud management, yet to hear back ...

In the meantime, don't go to Miss Mauds!


9:16 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

PS: one plan of attack would be to write lots of comments into the website?

They do say "Our website lists a random selection of testimonials"


9:34 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

good heavens! what a bloody drama! lucky you mentioned it,almost went and ate at miss maud's this arvo...

and yes, i do believe that someone should write a testimonial. apparently they were concerned that the hetties would be uncomfortable sleeping in a bed they knew had once been inhabited by poofters. which i am taking to mean that they were planning to put a plaque over the bed advertising the fact? grrr, stomp, grrr.

6:53 pm  

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