Friday, August 01, 2008

Clean City Streets

Further to my earlier post re not getting hit on in Perth-- I realised after posting this that I have rarely seen ANYONE get hit on in Perth. I mean, nobody cruises like I know cruising, or at least not in places where I have been. Its a clean city. Of course, there are a zillion drunks and junkies yelling abuse at each other in the streets and gaggles of straggly kids lurking about the train station after dark and random weirdos roaming the streets pulling faces and cackling wildly at you. But all in all, its CLEAN. Not in a shiny new way, in a sort of old-world, Presbyterian kind of way. Like its all been freshly white-washed.

There is no noticeable pulse-- I get the feeling it would be deemed disorderly to have too heavy a heartbeat. There are very few noticeable freaks, hardly a tattoo or a facial piercing or so much as a coloured dreadlock to be seen outside of stores that cater for such things (and then have only seen it on the staff). There was ONE boy with a mohawk somewhere I think? No DIY markets, no kids covered in anarchist patches, no screen-printed t-shirts. No Oxford St, or King St, no place to eat scrambled tofu and drink lattes whiles watching the promenade of curious persons. No curious persons.

And no hint of sex, please, we're Perthish. There is no smell of amyl and sweat and testosterone in the bars, no grit and grime and glances underneath peaked caps, no fur, no STUBBLE even, no cocksure cowboys in chaps, no jockstraps and uniforms. No girls with shaved heads. I have never seen a leather person per se, though hear rumour that there are two of them running a hairdressers somewhere. No boys with chains and spit-polished boots, no butch Daddies leaning up against the bar.

I'm sure this is what most of Sydney is like-- I just don't go there. I need to find the seedy underbelly, the ghettos, the gatherings of like-minded souls of this place, somehow. Pride Week/Month/Parade/Whatever it is is coming up in October. Fingers crossed.

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Blogger Urban (r)Evolutionary said...

when you find said seedy underbelly (or, you know, even a pulse for that matter), would you mind letting me know where it is?


12:51 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

i'm thinking of giving perth a bit of a jumpstart at the courty tonight if you fancy dropping in... haze picking me up from basso around 6, so be there by half past. i'll be the one in skintight leathers and blue glitter lipstick...

12:59 pm  

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