Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food Fever

Having some sort of food fetish fit, and fervently desiring a feast of:

Fresh honeycomb, quince, rhubarb crumble, clotted cream, cinnamon, cloves, treacle, pomegranates, fresh figs, pancakes, whipped butter, blackberries, lemon butter, marmalade, dark chocolate covered orange peel, teas flavoured with exotic spices, fruit mince pies, hot crumpets, mulberries covered in sugar, mulled wine, turkish delight, all manner of puddings and custard, hot apple pies with vanilla icecream, fresh scones...

Think maybe this is the result of reading Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, a ye olde Englishe background, being away from 'home' and sickly and craving comfort foods, discovering a new organic food store and a general fit of whimsy. Have just caramelised some apples with golden syrup and walnuts to go in my citrus couscous, so there is a start! Yummy!



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