Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aram Hosie Named 2008 Pride Patron *WA*

From Out in Perth

The 2008 Pride Committee has chosen its patron, with the honour being awarded to Aram Hosie. Hosie was born female, came out as a lesbian at 15 and began transitioning to male in 2006 at the age of 23.

As founding president of the WA Gender Project, Hosie has been involved in a submission to review the WA Equal Opportunity Act to include the transgender community, challenged policy position of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade regarding passports and been instrumental in successfully lobbying the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to conduct an inquiry into rights issues for sex and gender diverse people in Australia.

‘At first I was quite surprised,’ Mr Hosie told OUTinPerth about being named the Pride Patron for 2008. ‘I thought, I’m too young, what have I done that’s so special, other than being kind of noisy about being a transman? But on reflection, I do have a long and active history with the GLBT community for someone my age, and so it’s really a huge privilege to have that acknowledged.’

And you can read the rest of the article, and perv at the photo, here.

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