Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Boar's Bite

Vatsyayana ... his list of kisses included The Balanced Kiss (kisses on the curve between the breasts), The Forcible Kiss (kisses implanted on the breasts), and The Chaste Kiss (kisses given from the breast downwards to the waist). While among his recipes for erotic 'scratching and biting' is The Boar's Bite:

'the most appropriate portions of a the body for this type of biting are the female breasts and shoulders. A small portion of the skin of the breast or shoulder is held between the teeth and chewed, and then another portion is taken, and so on, leaving a long, unbroken line of red stain.'

Commenting on the violence of The Boar's Bite, one authority notes in the most charming and matter-of-fact way that for obvious reasons this particular bite should be strictly avoided 'when dealing with virgins or other people's wives...'

-- Mervyn Levy The Moons Of Paradise

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