Friday, November 28, 2008


When the room is quiet
The daylight almost gone
It seems there's something I should know
Well, I ought to leave
But the rain it never stops
And I've no particular place to go

Just when I think I'm winning
When I've broken every door
The ghosts of my life
Blow wilder than before
Just when I thought I could not be stopped
When my chance came to be king
The ghosts of my life
Blew wilder than the wind...

-- Japan 'Ghosts'

If I remember correctly, one horoscope for this year advised that I would/should be tying up loose ends, putting the past in the past, that kind of theme. Its almost December, and I do believe it was right. I have done a lot work on getting out of bad loops with partners, booze, destructive 'friends', and other unhelpful behaviors throughout 2008. Still have the odd panic, and self-defeating pattern of thinking, but feel I have been forming productive partnerships with the ghosts of my past.



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