Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Help The Rattlers!

From the Red Rattler crew:

'hey there, if you haven't heard, our DA for POPE (place of public
entertainment) license went to the early November Council meeting and
after a bit of lobbying, it was approved in principle! so yay! we're
happening! so what now....? well we're arranging a construction
certificate, then we go nuts putting in fire escapes, safety signage, fire
proofing, more electrical work, significant plumbing, we have to put in
more toilets and urinals as per the DA, set up our water tanks, fix up
upstairs, get a liquor license, waterproof and finish the bar, stock up
and plan a party! so we think we'll be open in February 2009. stay

in the meantime, its work mania to the max at the rat. if you'd like to
help with anything, please send us an email with
a couple of dot points on what you're willing to do, and what you can do,
like what are your skills, and we'll contact you when we're working on
that area. in the meantime, we're doing some cementing this weekend,
having a clean up working bee this Sunday 7 December, 2-4pm, and some
plasterboard/tiling action next weekend. if you can help contact us here
or just turn up on Sunday arvo with a vacuum cleaner!

the red rattler is run by a collective of volunteers, we're a grassroots
diy labour of love operation for our creative community xxx
The Red Rattler Theatre
6 Faversham St.
Marrickville NSW 2204 '

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