Monday, October 26, 2009

Soggy Serviettes

Went out for a lovely walk on Beucott St with the Monster this morning, and stopped to grab a coffee and a spot of something tasty. When our lemon slice appeared, it was presented on a small plate, as expected, but between plate and slice was A PAPER SERVIETTE (NAPKIN).

This practice has always bewildered me. Why would you serve food, and often food designed to be eaten with a knife and fork, on top of a piece of PAPER when it alraedy on a nice ceramic plate? The paper goes soggy from the cream/sauce/grease whatever leeching out of the food, the soggy paper then gets all stuck onto your food... its just SILLY-- a waste of trees and a messy inconvenience (which then requires extra serviettes to clean up).

Does anyone know the WHY of this practice? Is it some sort of hygeine measure in case the plate isn't quite clean? Is it some sort of doily substitute, purely there for visual presentation? And if so, what time of person would be impressed by a plain paper napkin folded in half and stuck underneath their cheesecake? Perhaps its a display of wealth, as in, we're doing so well we can afford to provide a layer of soggy paper with every meal and dessert? Perhaps there is some perfectly simple reason for this which has eluded me and I am being an idiot. If so, please let me know via the comments box. Ta!

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Blogger Anne Bentley said...

it's either so you, the eater, can pick up the sweetie & shove it in your mouth in one whole piece without sticky-ing your hands... ooorr, it's a wanky "we (cafe persons) didnt touch the sweetie with our fingers, we use serviettes...
Or it's just fucking stupid
I usually pull it out & tip the cake and make a right mess ALL over the plate!
A xo

1:17 pm  
Anonymous polly said...

yes i don't know its fucking's probably because people don't think at all about the tree's or anything, maybe thats as simple as it is. people don't think

5:14 pm  
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