Sunday, July 30, 2006

Utter Filth Really

As promised, here's the rundown of my Saturday night's adventures playing with the Lions. So, if you don't mind getting a bit of dirt on your eyeballs keep right on reading:

Ah, where to begin? With the clothes methinks, set the mood a little. Now, had I been garbed in my recent froufrou then skirts most certainly would have been bleeding, or at the very least bloody. As it happened, my spanky new German camos are looking, and I daresay smelling, much more like camos should...

Of course, I was tempted to wantonly cincher and flounce, but then had a total faggot fashion moment after realising that not only was I going to be playing bitch on the back to My Favourite Butch, on my favourite bike, for the ride there, but I should factor in the probability of being beaten to a pulp with a certain 'belt buckle'. Thus something more practical may be in order: the aforementioned combat pants, steel-capped boots, hobble belt (complete with amyl holder, and amyl) , a rather breast-y leather shirt, khaki army jumper and my furry vest. And my collar of course (but for the record- I'm not collared TO anyone). Oh, and red lipstick.

MFB collected me, and with gloves and helmet in place we set off on the Big Black Beast. *SWOON*. Zoo likes bikes a lot. And when hurtling along the highway on the back of one, all the while clinging on to extremely yummy leather butch Daddy-type, she gets a little bit excited. Arrived with hard nipples and the beginnings of a wet patch. Thankyou muchly MFB ;)

We're greeted at the door by a lovely young (and well-trained) butler. The usual assortment of reprobates, plus one or two mystery guests mingled about the various rooms filling out their dance cards, or stood by the fire making merry. Wandered around catching up with folk I hadn't seen for ages, before being invited to watch what turned out to be one of the most intense and erotic cuttings I have ever witnessed. Blissed-out cutter, blissed-out cuttee, red rivers streaming across thighs and faces and other body parts, and bloodslut Zoo trying not to moan toooooo loudly as she squirmed across the floor. *DOUBLE SWOON*.

Composed myself somehow and went off to find some ouchy naughty shenanigans ofmy own. I had half-arranged for ScarletTheHarlot to stick some needles in me, and SharntSayNo decided to assist her in her reign of pointy terror. Once we found a spare bed to play on, S1 promptly whacked two 18g needles through my wrists and tied them together with dental floss. S2 started threading more 18s through my tits, while S1 proceeded to throw various gauges in my squishy stomach parts. Then H prowled in brandishing the chokechain he had seen mentioned on a previous post, and an S threw it around my neck, then somehow my piercings got all tied up and together with floss and... oooooh, pierced by two lustly lovelies while chain pulled tight and... needles out, blood on the sheet, the towel, sneaking around the back of my neck and under my arm... Words fail me. Really they do. However, MFB filmed a whole heap of my orgasmic writhings and delirious mumblings so if you beg nicely you might just get to witness it for yourself (and the photo above gives you the general idea). *TRIPLE SWOON*.

After cleaning up a little and gathering my senses as much as possible, I ventured out to find H waiting for me with The Belt Buckle. Was punched, hard. Kicked, hard. Wrestled to ground and squished hard. Repeat. Then with TBB dusting Hunter's knuckles, had metal pushed and pounded into flesh. Finally have to call it off as almost can't breathe, room spinning and bruises rising and muscles pulling and OhMyGoddessWhatWasThat?. Have the distinct impression that blades may have been involved somehow, but was zoned out completelyby this point.*SWOON TO INFINITY*.

At some point shortly thereafter I was bailed up and violated quite nicely by ScarletTheHarlot with the black rubber baton I brought back from Berlin years ago. Rest of night subdued in comparison! Watched bits and pieces of other people's play, drank more, lay around doing bulbs for hours, fooled around a bit. Then got all sleepy, crashed out on the couch all wrapped up in breasts and bear and blankie, woke up to sunlight and decided to wander on down to the pub for morning-after beers and nonsense. Stayed until mid-arvo, then was fading and it all got a tad weird with a stupid boy(long story) so H and I got a cab back to the party palace. Got some takeaway and pottered about with H and the delightful T, then watched Buck porn (yes Boy, you know EXACTLY what that did to my head!) and Bonking Berlin Bastards. The latter, for those who have not experienced its delights, is essentially a VERY yummy piece of pornography, featuring a breathtaking assortment of absolutely filthy punk-skin-boys fucking on rooftops, jerking off in the park and in a phonebooth and in a gondola, fisting, pissing on themselves and each other, sucking endless amounts of cock etc etc etc- all set in the decay of old Berlin... it is PERFECT. It made me want so many things all at once. (To think I had all but forgotten watersports! Mind you, had almost forgotten blades until a week or two back.) Mmmm... ended up a very happy little creature...

Bruises now coming up in colourful lumps all over my body. Walking is quite entertainingly painful, as is typing, sitting, stretching, standing up, putting my backpack on and almost every other activity. All in all, a mighty fine 24 hours. (Didn't do much beforehand, just saw Polymorph crew and caught up with various exes in various places, did a spot of clothes shopping and gathered some groceries... nice cruisy arvo in the sunshine and the whole of the ghetto seemed to be in a good mood. Needless to say, didn't make it to Sexpo this arvo. So, cock still unharnassed and wrists still in need of restraint).

Goodnight all. Off to dream filthy dreams and poke my sore points.



Anonymous Sharn said...


Oh so pretty. Preeeettttttttty!

I do love 18's and so do you, even if you said you don't. And the blood! (18's are very good for that) I had to restrain myself from licking it all up.

Sticky thighs everytime I think about it.

Thanks for letting me hurt you so. It was a wonderful welcome back to why I love this shit.

Luff lots!

10:11 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

True I do like 18s. In fact, I like a lot of things that I initially flinch at ;)

And you can hurt me anytime. And now that you kive just down the road and all...


10:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to have your energy in the room... (and the moaning only made it better), watching you and Daddy wrestling/sparring, and yeah, porn... porn was good... in every way *grin* ...

You're fun :o)

T xo

12:02 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

Oooh, thankyou! Email me? xxx

12:15 am  
Anonymous Hunter said...

Thanks for your energy, time and purrrowliness. Being involved in something so big for me and my grrl and yeah, sparring with me..and making BBB so much more entertaining for us.

I want spatters on the Belt Buckle.. I plan on collecting.


12:02 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Ohhhh... I do promise the darndest things, don't I? When do you want to collect?

7:58 pm  
Anonymous Tam said...

Hey, i don't have your email address, mine is quiregrrl @ gmail dot com, so maybe you can email me :o)

9:14 am  

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