Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sleaze Weekend

The high heels of a long weekend
Clatter in the streets below
And somebody got pinned again
Underneath my window

- Hunters and Collecters 'January Rain'

I shan't be at Sleaze of course (gives me a nasty rash) but shall be up to plenty of other activities this coming week/end:

Wednesday- Slutting about at the Newtown and/or Sly as usual.
Friday- Kooky!
Saturday- Yummy Mummy has 21st Birthday drinks. And TheSuze will be BBQing random items at her place. I will be flitting about in between both of these events.
Sunday- Cage dancing and perving and flirting around at Gurlesque. Then Bad Dog for some sparkly-shiny-Zoo-friends debauchery. Purr, prowl, pounce...


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