Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beyond (all comprehension)

Beyond was magical.
Two rooms of amazing leathermen, bears and skinheads (in a good way). Shaved heads and furry chests and that smell of testosterone and sweat and amyl and leather and boot polish that is absolutely intoxicating...

Ran into a gorgeous Bavarian boy I knew years ago in Sydney, plus a few SLPA members and other randoms from Sydney. But mostly I danced with the SKP, a spectacular vision of bouncing enthusiam with a tattooed cock and a red rubber surgeons mask-type thing and an endless energy supply. He picked me out of the crowd early on and dragged me over to get my boots done. I had been lurking around the bootpigs set up on a small stage in the corner, breathing in the scent and watching them do their thing. There were two of them, probably in their 60s or so, and they loved their task...

I have never cum from having my boots done before. My boy was gorgeous- grey fur, septum piercing, leather shorts, yellow hanky around his neck and a devilish grin. From the first sweep of the polish-laden brush around my instep I was almost delirious. Something about the sensation of his thigh beneath my foot, and the way he held each boot with such tenderness and reverence sent me reeling. The cloth sliding around the inside of my ankle, up the back of my calf, then him kissing each boot when he was done. My cunt contracting and my nipples hardening and rubbing against my leather shirt. It was that moment when words are superfluous- you both just 'get' it. Could barely stand by the end of it, and needed a hand to get down from the stage. Blushing, grateful, stunned and wondering how obvious my orgasms were to either the bootboy or the crowd watching. Perfect moment.

Then pulled back into the fray. SKP and I ran amuck, dancing, dancing, dancing.

'I don't do girls, but you are enough to turn me bi'. Got quite a few comments about how fabulous it was to see a girl there (and quite a few drinks too). There were a few other womyn, but not leather dykes at all- more the high heels and fetish-y variety of gal. While thrilled at the acceptance and the desire of the boys to make me feel welcome, there was a point where I was down to my camos and collar and boots, shirt off and... I WAS a leatherboy, I WAS a cub- I wasn't a 'chick' anymore and I loved it. Then SPK got down on his knees and licked my boots while I played about with his boybits, I had another boy sucking my nipples and it was all VERY nice. (There was quite a bit of bear-on-bear titpig action happening around the party actually. Swoon)

On a less happy note, I did a rope suspension at the Provocateur art show before going to Beyond. It looked amazing, but I seem to have injureda nerve in my arm and my hand is still weak and tingly on and off. If its not better soon will have to seek medical attention. Boo, hiss. Did look kinda pretty though.

Back in Sydney tonight. Enjoy your BBQs and hangovers and come-downs. Will be frolicking about on Wednesday, and warning you now that I am so horny that you all better watch out... Don't know that I will be able to control any of my primal urges. Any takers?


Anonymous whoretic said...

Me please *hand in the air, waving eagerly* if you can handle the sickly sweet scent of femme after all that T. Think of it as a dose of yin to balance out the yang. *grins*

2:51 pm  

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