Monday, September 18, 2006

Pearl Necklace

We never use condoms. I am barebacked into oblivion by my baby bear. Slip and slide in my own juices and an ounce of spit, across his silicone and the sheets. Slurp it all up, cum slut, lick it clean. Cream pie, my filling slopping down my thighs. Mop it up, cum rag, fly the white hanky. Cum on my face, buried between his legs. A good source of iron, swallow it down, suck the marrow from his bone. Drink his T, let it steep a little first, infused in oil and injected straight into my throat. Essence of boy, distilled, refined, he doesn't know his own strength. Elixir, ambrosia, cocktail, he doesn't know how he intoxicates.

I wear his pearl necklace everywhere I go.


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