Monday, September 11, 2006

Squirt Alert

While Googling about I came across a great little site called with a very handy page on female ejaculation. And then in a book called Lesbians Talk Transgender (featuring contributions from Bornstein, Feinberg, Wilkins, Della Grace, Halberstam, Whittle and more) Zachary I Nataf discusses FTM body changes noting 'although I have read no reports of this, from my own experience there may be increased activity of the prostate/paraurethral gland and ejaculation'. Which has all just made me muse upon squirting and spurting and the joys of leaky messy bodies. And made me want to share two of my favourite quotes on this theme. The first is from Lynn Randolph:

This contemporary Venus is not a Goddess in the conventional sense of a contained figure. She is an unruly woman, actively making a spectacle of herself. Queering Boticelli, leaking, projecting, shooting, secreting milk, transgressing the boundaries of her body. Hundreds of years have passed and we are still engaged in a struggle for interpretive power over our bodies in a society where they are marked as a battleground by the church and the state in legal and medical skirmishes.

And the second from Jeffrey Weeks:

There is something important about the messiness, the chaos, the come, the blood, the shit, the piss, the sweat of actual physical contact, and I don’t think there is any alternative to that messiness and the joy of that messiness.


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