Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holiday Slide Show

Snapshots of random incidents and thoughts from our road-tripping.

Flash Flooding
Had a selection of board shorts, singlets, little skirts and other summery finery packed in anticipation of tropical northern warmth.Unfortunately it rained and was freezing cold most of the time, so had to cover it all wih big jumper and waterproof hooded coat! Flash flooding warnings came across the country radio. We were in a 4WD, which was somewhat reassuring. Slight hitch on the first afternoon, as when Boy opened the driver's window it refused to close again. As in, wouldn't budge an inch. To reiterate, it was raining, and cold. To compound matters, as we sat in the carpark of a service station pondering how to rectify the window situation, the lock on the driver's door started opping up and down like it was possessed. The door wouldn't lock. Then, it wouldn't click and stay shut at all. We had to keep it closed with electrical tape. Eventually we worked out that we couldn't fix it ourselves, it was too late to find a Ford dealership and so we spent a rather uncomfortable evening sleeping at the side of the road with a blanket over the window. Woke up to find that we had pulled over next to a gorgeous rainforest-type scene, complete with waterfall. Sweet.

The Chokechain of Romance
Walking the HyperHounds through Lismore in the rain. Boy disappears into the pet store, emerging with dehydrated meaty treats for the doggies and a shiny new chokechain for me. Awww, who said romance was dead?

Biting off more than a puppy can chew
Camped in the carpark of the beautiful Rocky Point Reserve. Made ourselves coffee on the camp stoves, boiled eggs and ate out muesli. I had myself a rain-shower, dancing about naked on the grass and trying to get wet enough to de-stink and de-grunge pits and bits after two wash-less days. Some time later was in the Ladies going about my business when I hear calls of 'Zoo! Zoo! Come and help!'. Rush out to find Sam, the kelpie/staffie cross, with a football stuck in his mouth. Laughing so hard I could barely hold his head while Boy tried to stab the ball with a knife and deflate it. Eventually the crazy canine pissed off somewhere and managed to shake it free himself. Just wish I had been able to keep it together enough to photograph the indignant Sammy!

33 Zen Lane (Bitch and Animal)

i'll have a big back yard to run in

and a big oak tree for climbing
and a wrap around porch to sip homemade iced tea
that brewed in the sunwhile i watched it
i'll whisper my secretsto the wind
their dollars to me won't mean nothing
except maybe to keep the weeds down
in my vegetable garden
my mail will come to33 zen lane
in a county called rushing river
that's its native name
my family will be my friends
my friends will be my home
you can't call me you'll just have to come
because i won't have a phone

Okay, so I will have a phone. And broadband internet if possible. Aside from that, I do plan to have myself a big old house with a kitchen garden and chooks and a hammock and a kiddy pool and a tyre swing hanging from a tree. Soon. And my friends can come to stay and we can spend long summer holidays drinking beer on the verandah and dancing in the yard when the sun goes down. No neighbours within earshot, a great sound system and fairly lights twinkling and citronella torches keeping the mozzies away while we BBQ the organic tofuburgers. Hippy, moi?

More Christians than you could poke a pitchfork at
In almost every town, huge streetsigns and banners proclainming the way to some blonde-brick Christian Life Centre or another. Its like the whole of northern NSW has been Hillsonged. Surreal.

'If its not flannelette, I just don't get it'
Yes, Boy bought himself a new blue flannie for the trip. Add the Newtown Jets cap, dogs and the footy and it was a full unleashing of his (Inner) Westy. Mine too. We even had a Cold Chisel CD hidden underneath all the Tom Waits and Lydia Lunch and Johnny Cash. Can take the freaks out of the 'burbs...


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