Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lis Is More

(Pic is of Nimbin Rocks when we stopped to pee at the side of the road)

Ooooooooooooooooooooh, I am such a country girl at heart! Just got back Thursday night from a few days around Lismore way with the Boy and the HyperHounds... much to tell- rain, car adventures, rain, 20 000 Cows, rain, organic goodies, rain, sleeping in the back of the car, rain, waking up next to a waterfall, rai, Johnny Cash, rain... but later, because right now I have to pop into The New Town, find pressie/s for my Dad's birthday and Father's Day, head over to the Biologicals for dinner and sleepover. Back tomorrow to SLEEP IN MY OWN BED! Perchance to dream even ;)

Stumbled home this morning from a trashy night at Kooky with The Mistress of Mayhem, the Buxom Wench, The Trollop, Beanz, NattieTheFlattie and assorted sordid and seductive creatures. Much beer, much cavorting, some very strange entanglements and then back to M's for a bit of this and that. Yummy. Nice arvo just pottering around, cleaning things and eating porridge and hanging with the housemates. Sun shining, backyard all bright and beautiful and the everything just feeling so 'Spring-y'! Life is lovely, really.

And for those keeping tabs on my milky projects- pumped the whole time I was away (4-5 times a day), had a little human suckling and started on the domperidone and HAVE DROPS already. Breasts full, getting let-down pains shooting through them, quite tender. Nipples more sensitive than ever. Reckon it won't be long before the mik is flowing...

Also, Under The Blue Moon Festival is on next Saturday in Enmore Rd. There is a ruour I may be 'hanging around' at PolyMorph. Contact me close to the date if you wanna watch me squirm and hopefully I'll know what time I'll be up for it. Detox begins today. 1 week without ciggies already, just stopping booze and (most) junk food before the hanging, drinking lots of water and trying to get my body and head clear. So excited about it! Big hooks! Swinging from big hooks! *SWOON*


Blogger never too old said...

I got a pressie for you...what else but words on paper *lol*

Hint ".....hook-Swinging in Bengal and Madras in the Nineteenth Centry"

give me a bell


4:29 pm  
Anonymous Hunter. said...

purrrowl, sounds great, yay for milkyness and hangin around...will def give you a call closer to the date to see what time...

take care of you,

10:15 am  
Anonymous SharntSayNo said...

I'm so there.

With my own new sparkly.

Gotta start small yanno.


3:50 pm  

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