Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heaven Scents

Yesterday was the most beautiful blue skied almost-spring morning. Was foooling around at home trying to mix music for Friday's show when Boy ordered me to come to his place and lie in the sunshine with him and the dogs. Couldn't argue with that, so gathered myself and my baggage and headed over. Took the hyperhounds for a run in the park, grabbed some coffee at Canteen, sprawled out on the grass and then noticed the skies clouding over. so head back to the house. Inside, Boy and I tested out just how much shagging the new piercings could take. Quite a lot it seems! Almost passed out more than once, and it weren't because they hurt! They do jingle and jangle about a lot, which is not only quite pleasurable but makes amusing music. Ahh, the sounds of passion...

Lolling around all sleepy and cuddly, we hear a storm on the horizon. Run downstairs to collect washing from the back line. Task accomplished, start making tea and toast. Then think something about the rain sounds a little odd, so look out and its HAILING! Ooooh, it was so excited for a child-like Zoo creature! Hail everywhere! Nothing larger than a pebble really, but heaps of it. Looked like snow across the park, on the rooftops, piled up against buildings... for a minute or two actually thought I was back in Berlin. Temperature dropped about 5 degrees, and there was that freezing wind that cuts right through you... had to run to get to work, past tennis courts and sporting fields all white and slippery, and as I turned the corner from Boy's house the heady scent of eucalyptus almost knocked me over. A small gum tree had been practically stripped, and the scent of cold eucalyptus sent me straight back to skiing as a child and sucking the icicles from leaves of the snow gums. Arrived at work stinking like Boy, with a huge bitemark on my neck, rippped stockings and generally being rather dishevelled. Yummy!

Speaking of stink, the thing that made me finally turn off bioboys completely was waking up one morning in a room reeking of testosterone. But now one of my ultimate horny-making things in the world is the smell (ok, and taste) of my TBoy. Its so... animal? Like when you are walking through the Royal National Park at the right time of year and you can smell the musk of the male deer, that almost overpowering aroma that makes you (well, me) grab the nearest hiker and drag them into the scrub for a bit of a roll about. At a party recently, a certain lovely young lady was commenting that she could smell her bits, and suddenly I wanted to jump her... ohhh... the smells of sex and seduction...

Some of my favourite scents:
WD40. Think they should make lube that smells like that! Actually, there's an idea!*
Freshly ironed shirts on freshly ironed butches
Surfboard wax melting on the dashboard of a Kombi
Fish-gutting tables by the beach
Rubber floors
Sweat, depending on the person
Blue cheese
Cigars, and pipes
Good scotch on the breath of a sexy person
Piss (in context)

Will be writing a whole thesis chapter on the scent of breastmilk. Apparently the smell of breastfeeding women can increase the libido of other women, and there is a great account in Susskind's Perfume where wet nurses do not want to suckle the main character because he has no smell of his own. Pheromones designed to attract women are sold in men's toilet vending machines. In any 'feminine hygeine' supermarket aisle you will find sprays designed to make pussies smell not much like pussies. Was reading something recently, though can't recall where, about the ways and reasons that sight and hearing are elevated above taste, touch and smell. Hmmm... all I know is that the smell of Boy just drops me to my knees.

*Good heavens, when Whoretic and I were cock-shopping last week we came across semen-scented lube. For some reason, this made us giggle. Can anyone vouch for what it tastes like?


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