Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kooky Dancing Bear

And on the eighth day, the Goddess created Kooky. So I came to worship the latest incarnation (Friday nights) wearng my pink wig, black lace dress, cincher, feather boa, boots and collar and fishnet gloves. First to the Sly for friend's birthday drinks, watching karaoke and general cavorting. Then down to 77 William St for one of the best nights dancing I've had in a long time. Within five minutes of arriving I had myself a slight 'wardrobe malfunction', in that one of the straps on my dress broke. Tried to fix it with a safety pin before coming to my senses and just letting my tits go free. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was delicious! Got more attention than I would have imagined from the Kooky crowd, but can't say it was unpleasant attention ;) (Haven't danced topless since Tropical Fruits I think, and didn't realise how much I had missed it) So...

'Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows'
- Leonard Cohen 'Everybody Knows'

I danced, and danced and danced- with 2 thirds of my housemates, Uni friends, random freaks about town, fellow perverts... Drank some beer, talked bollocks with a lot of trashy people (apparently, I am 'delightful'), bumped bouncy breasty bits with the magnificent Buxom Wench, snogged and mildly molested (?) the BW... and felt absolutely euphoric. A lot of people around me were totally off their little chops, and here I was, practically sober most of the night- but feeling like I was pilling, speeding and almost tripping all at once! That shiny world-is-beautiful cuddly spinning around JOYOUS gorgeous blissed-out state, where you are surrounded by friends wherever you turn and everyone is just so pretty... and has been a while since I have felt that on a dancefloor. Yummy! For the last while I had been attached to a Cute Little Creature, canoodling and dancing and generally being trashy tarts. It was nice silly giggly fun, like I used to have with my friends all the time when I was a wee young queerling. Oh, those fabulous nights at Caesars and The Imperial and the courtyard of The Bank and Kingki Kingdom, all frocked up and loved up and shimmering into my brand new life ;) Finally the music stopped and we were swept out into the early morn. Up to Oxford St to slurp up the last dregs of Phoenix.

Then it all turned a little strange. CLC was trying to come home with me. I was really tired and wanting to just go home and SLEEP, so crawled out to get a cab. In the end, the CNC ended up in the cab with me, and eventually at my place. And despite my recently reclaimed slutdom, I really couldn't get down and dirty. It was pleasant enough just rolling around, but something stopped me from taking it any further. What though? I was messy, CLC is cute, it was 7am in the morning after a spectacular night, just that... really, I don't what it was that made me pull back from the edge. But all the same, I am very happy that I did. (Feel bad that CLC may have been hurt though, and hope I didn't put it all too bluntly. The more I was asked to explain, the more cornered I felt and the more I just had to make it stop)

Slept some, dreamed some and now up and looking for adventure. Its cold and wet outside again. Winter's last kiss before Spring comes a-courting... time to seek hot chocolate and pudding. Have an urge to get something pierced. More metal in my bits? Want to, but need someone to bite down on for that... Hmmm...


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