Tuesday, August 01, 2006

my life in song lyrics

the birthday party made me a zoo music girl
'i murder her dress and she loves it... oh god please let me die beneath her fists'

siouxsie sioux made me a kinky chameleon
' she has many guises/she'll do what you want her to/playing dead and sweet submission/cracks the whip deadpan on cue/peek-a-boo peek-a-boo'

lloyd cole made me misbehave wantonly
'she's innappropriate/but then she's much more fun'

the cure made me some sort of gothling girl
' sometimes i'm dreaming/where all the other people dance'

leonard cohen made me fall in love with women- myself included
'your faith was strong but you needed proof/you saw her bathing on the roof/her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you'

tom waits made consider possibilities beyond the femme
'well i know karate/voodoo too/i'm gonna make myself/available to you/i don't need no makeup/i got real scars/i got hair on my chest/i look good without a shirt/well i don't lose my composure/ in a high speed chase/well my friends think i'm ugly/i got a masculine face/i got some dragstrip courage/i can really drive a bed/i'm gonna change my name to hannibal/or maybe just rex'

x ray spex made me a feminist
'some people think that little girls should be seen and not heard/but i think/oh bondage up yours!'

diamanda galas made me laugh about my situation
'and the buzzards/and the vultures hollered/do you take this man?'

stiv bators made me a faggot
'looking at me/like i'm under the weather/but you got on your knees/just to lick at my leather'

bitch and animal made me realise a lot of things
'in the parking lot/where we kissed goodnight/and you squeezed my hand a little extra tight/
well i knew right then/that you felt the same/if you'd just get out of that boy and girl game'

and the smiths made me hopeful
'on cold leather seats/well it suddenly struck me/i just might die/with a smile on my face after all'



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