Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In love with Betty Marenko

‘An identity which has to be considered as a process and not as a fact, as an embodiment of strategies of subversion and creativity, a body who is in the world, and at the same time is the world. A body in perpetual becoming’

Came across the above quote in my Honours thesis (see, working!) and just had to share it. Bugger it, here's another one

'We can imagine this process of self induced transformation as a kind of pure magic, if by magic we intend a system of compensation which readdresses previously lost balances and works towards self-preservation and healing. In this sense, performing an action of body modification which is bound to affect permanently one’s corporeality is very much like casting a spell upon themselves. It is a spell which allows one to become what one wants to become, making a very personal dream, or even obsession, true'

Oooh, sometimes other people speak my mind so well it seems superfluous to even open my mouth...


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