Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Skirts are Bloody

For Zoo just got herself FOUR new piercings! Two in each of my outer labia, 8 gauge and quite deep. Not sure quite what prompted me to do it- just had an idea a while back that it would be nice to have a bit more metal down there. Already had a 10g ring (?) in each, and my vertical hood piercing. An extra-big pay check and an urge to be able to dangle weights from my dangly bits led me to negotiations with Rob at Polymorph over the weekend about rings vs bars and how many and... told him I would come in on Tuesday. *GULP*. Woke up this morning with dodgy sinus pain, 'too much to dream' fuzziness and a desire NOT to go through with it, before deciding that was just plain silly. Expressed my desire to run away to T 'but its pain- and you like pain' and the most succint Boy 'but you are Zoo'. True in both cases. Zoo does like to painful things! Even if they make her scared. Perhaps because they make her scared?

The Boy had kindly agreed to be my hand-holder for this event (bless him), so I picked him up at his place and we wandered down for a pre-poking coffee with the ScarletHarlot (Corelli's LSD- latte, soy and dandelion. My fave coffee on King St. And it's SH's birthday tomorrow, so come on down to the Sly to celebrate!). Still debating whether to just wimp out entirely and get a labret or something easy, I dragged my rapidly retreating bits up to Polymorph. Worked out jewellery, had one last piss before crying, disrobed and then onto the chair it was. All washed down and marked up, I grab both of Boy's hands and breathe as instructed and... SCREAM, quite loudly, as the big piece of metal pushes through the first sensitive squishy bit of Zooflesh. Usually I find the jewellery insertion quite a lovely release, but that seemed to cause as sharp a pain as the pointy thingy. Ouch! Big Ouch! BUT YUMMY OUCH!!! Then big rush, then babbling, then think I can't make it through the next one then grab onto Boy again and... somehow I make it through the next three, and as the chemicals kicked in they got less painful. I did need to have quite a breather between each one though, grab some water and gather my strength. But in the end I did what I set out to do ;)

And did I mention the blood??? It was spectacular, I was GUSHING, even bloodier than the saline infusion/piercing... licking it off my fingers and... dripping all over the floor, blood running down my pink bits and my arse and my thighs and making my hands red when I tried to mop it all up. Now eight hours later with my knickers full of cotton wadding I am still dripping. (Weird that there is THAT much blood, as haven't had any alcohol or aspirin in the last 24 hours at least). It feels like I have been kicked in the c&*t with steel-capped boots too, all bruised and swollen up. And there was the most perfect spot of blood on the back of my leopard print skirt when I stood up... delicious... and made me horny as hell... and there I was in that room full of gloves and pointy things and mirrors and metal with that obscene dental chair and the beautiful Boy and couldn't do a thing about it!

On the way back up King St ran into a couple of friends who corrupted me with alcohol. Spent the afternoon wriggling at Uni and then a few hours delirious surveying people at work. Still flying, reeling, dancing about, squirming- and too scared to have a shower even though its probably a good idea :) So many bruises and so much blood lost lately... mmm... and more up and coming. I still owe Mister Hunter some blood on his belt buckle, and am mucking about with the Polymorph bodmod kids on Sunday, then a certain Freeq promised me a go at her new cat'o'nine soon, and thenI do the 1am Hellfire show on Friday 18th. Really got to keep up my vitamins and get some rest and take care of myself, pushing my body pretty hard at the moment. Don't think I can startboxing at Uni until September because of seminars and work, but busy enough until then I suppose...

BTW Check out this story about an Anger Release Bar in China. You can beat men up for as low as $8.30AU. Apparently its popular with women in service *lol*.


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