Monday, August 07, 2006

Doing it bloggie-style

Here's an article to make most of us cringe I think: Don't kiss me, I'm emailing you

'Our new relationship was often the subject of my LJ [blog] entries and I would often say things in there that I wouldn't tell him to his face," writes Kathryn. Another couple - married for 12 years - say that for a while they communicated through weblogs without ever discussing their feelings face to face.'

Oh dear. Ring any bells?


Blogger never too old said...

sort of off topic to this post but just couldn't resist sending this link

happy homonculus and a festive fecundity

1:24 pm  
Blogger mayhem said...

Commmunicating through blogs?

sounds like a GREAT way to live! the perfect combo of distance, exhibitionism and confessional scenarios

i'm OVER face to face communication. I'm doing it with TWO people now! I'm OVER sharing coffees, sharing meals and sharing tears, sharing beds and sick of the time it takes away from my thesis, blogs, vibrator......

if Anyone want sto start an intimate relationship based on intense face to face sex - no conversation and angsted smiths style missives online


5:42 am  

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