Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sunday Night in a Nutshell

Feeling a bit bedraggled from Friday night's Kooky and Saturday night's parties, I hooked up with Hunter, T and the Buxom Wench, the S and a babybutch for coffee at the infamous gelato bar. MsV had put out a call from her perch at the Carlisle, beseeching us all to join her for drinkies. Toddled down there with H, T and BW. A whole gaggle of perverts were assembled in the back bar, already quite maggoted and up to rude things. MyFavouriteMermaid, Ali and the Boy soon joined us, and I drank beer and engaged in mild molestation with all and sundry. Eventually things wound up there, and we decided to head up to the Dykes on Bikes night at The Hampshire. Flirted about with MsV and Boy, watched some silliness involving a box within a box *lol*, and then somehow ended up back in Boy's living room with them both. Frangelico, vodka, then I am pounced upon, rendered half-naked and have my bits shaved by MsV while the Boy holds me down. Was a very nice job too, though the tweezers were possibly pushing the friendship! Normally I am quite a furry girl, for a number of reasons: aesthetics (not wanting Barbie doll bits); sensation (ooh hair being pulled!); Beariness (depilation is the 8th deadly sin); and laziness (you try shaving around that much metal). Still, would have probably done it myself before the piercings today anyway, and was a much more entertaining way to go about it. Then found myself violated various ways- though am a bit fuzzy on the details! MsV disappears into a cab, and Boy drags me upstairs to make me remember exactly what I had been missing this last long while... *SHIVER*... Wake up to more in the morning and stumble home blissed out and bewildered...


Blogger mayhem said...

good to see you're up to lots of mischief

are you going to the kath & cath "understanding porn" talk at the sandstone this friday?

hugs, spanx & stray hairs


5:33 am  

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