Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hellfire- The Bare Bones

Did the 1am Hellfire show this week. Will give you the 'people' stuff later, but for now I just HAD to write up what happened in the performance, mostly to get it straight in my head. Here is the basic premise, as I put it in the promo:

It's the Virgin Zoo's wedding day, and she's all coy and blushing behind her long white veil as she anticipates her deflowering. Then comes the hitch in her matrimonial dreams- her groom sneaks a peek underneath her finery and jilts her at the altar. Now demure bride turns to demented hybrid and this mad maiden monster is on the hunt for some good loving. She's mute (and mutated), but you wouldn't call her dumb... and she's heading straight for you. Vicious and viscous, virginal and vengeful, this confused young innocent just wants a kiss. Promise.

Sort of unloved gimp jilted at the altar routine.
Came out in full wedding dress and veil, carrying bouquet.
Ben from Polymorph was at the side of the stage holding tray full of useful things.
Started cutting off the heads of the my flowers, rather unsuccessfully as they were tough little things so has to settle for cutting the petals off.
Moved on to slashing up veil, throwing bits into audience.
Then the reveal

If the lights were out
Could you even bear
To kiss her full on the mouth
Or anywhere?'
- Morrissey 'November Spawned A Monster'

Throw veil into crowd, exposing dental gag held into place by a cheek spear.*
Striptease with dress, get man from audience to help take flesh-coloured granny corset-y thing and then I pull the bandaids off my nipples.
Grab scalpel from tray, start cutting love heart into my stomach. Doesn't bleed much, so have to whack it a bit and recut some. Kinda abstract result, more impression of heart shape than accurate rendition of one!
Then wrapped myself all up in a big crepe bandage, with the able assistance of Ben.
Next song comes on, Pussycat Dolls 'Dontcha'.
Remove big granny knickers-with-weird-extra-corset-bit to reveal adult diaper.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me

Have dressed up some raw eggs with smily faces and wedding veils. Use two of them to act out song lyrics, then smash them together and smear egg all over my bloody body.
Rip off nappy, throw into crowd.
As the finale, kneel (?) down and pull cheek spear out. Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh....

*Was pretty nervous, partly because it was the first solo show I had done in a long time, but mostly because of the cheek spear and dental gag. The whole idea of having my mouth held one, not being able to speak or swallow properly, was quite freaky for me. And then of course, I had never had my cheeks pierced. The dressing room was rather stifling, no air, and I was full of pre-show nerves. Costume on, last minute prop check, and time to roll. Boy was there, which meant more to me than he probably realises- its very much an honour that he supports me through these crazy endeavours. Took me a couple of times to give Rob the go-ahead tp pierce me, but when the spear slid through my left cheek... YUMMY! Then through the other one, and although I yelled it was more from the sublime sensation of that pushing through the barrier than any significant pain. Not that I found it sexual really at all, but it was kind of like that point of giving in involved in fisting, that moment when the flesh just yields... even though the spear was obviously sharp, and my flesh was broken, it felt more like a slow bruising than usual piercings... and when I took it out and it just slid through my flesh... words fail me.

Punk picnice today, visit Boy at the Sly, maybe a friend's housewarming and then off to a dear friend's birthday-party/wake. Have spent the morning just pottering about cleaning. It must be the imminent change in season- have an urge to do washing up and laundry and make things all fresh and sparkly. Roll on Spring!


Blogger Ali H said...

Ms Zoo, I am so sorry we didn't manage to stick around for your show- one too many horrid straight boy groping moments destroyed my resolve. I hear rave reviews from everyone, I'm so glad it went well, and i can't wait to see your new dimples.
xxx Ali

10:34 am  
Anonymous Hunter said...

fantastic show, hot gag, blood, cheek spears, purrrowliness...

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Tam said...

there aren't words for how hot it was... love your work :o)

3:40 pm  

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