Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Giggling Girlies

Shyness is nice and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

So, if there's something you'd like to try
If there's something you'd like to try
Ask me I wont say no, how could I? -The Smiths 'Ask'

Weekend update... Friday stayed at Uni late, then just crashed at home. Saturday spent the afternoon playing pool with Boy at the Sly, then back to the House in the Hill to get all butched up for the evening's dyke leather party. No matter what configuration of camo pant, harness, boot, collar, leather hotpants, camo skirt, mesh shirt etc I conjured up I just couldn't get comfortable, so in the end I put on a tiny little velvet and lace dress and my cincher. Felt much better! Had been flirting madly with the Buxom Wench, sending multiple texts and emails full of double entendre and explicit filth, and arranged ourselves a dirty date for Monday night (more on this below). But, of course, we both ended up at Princess' birthday drinks at Madame Fling Flong's, with Boy, wherein much lap-sitting and naughty suggestions ensued between the three of us (and several other attendees), before BW and myself get a lift with the Hellfire crew to Zip at the Burdekin. Mmmmm... several beers, some dancing (and face-slapping, ohmygoddess, I do LOVE to be slapped hard) and schmoozing with the gorgeous dirty dykes, then BW and I are up against a wall of the dancefloor being very silly. Then one of us needed to pee, and being girls we just had to go to the bathroom in pairs and... oooooh, I love furtive toilet sex... don't do it nearly enough these days!... and its been such a while since I've been on top in a girl-on-girl bits scenario... I must confess to feeling a little shy and out-of-practice. Still, just like riding a bike I figure, and guess I was doing something right from the reaction... then out of the toilets and to another wall... harder this time, and louder, and with much less inhibition... SWOON!

Sunday was same sex marriage rally with My Favourite Mermaid, Hunter, T and sundry other rabblerousers. Fave banners along the lines of 'I want the right to be as miserable as the breeders' and 'I want to be able to make the same mistakes as straight people' *lol*. Lovely afternoon, not-too-tedious speeches and some couples got 'married' on the back of a truck and I ate icecream in Taylor Square surrounded by some of my favourite persons. Then pool and beer at the Sly with K, MFM and Boy, dinner at the Duke, drinks and more pool then back to Boy's place watch the ScarletHarlot on Australian Idol. Cuddly night chewing and gnawing and sucking on bits of Boy. Orally fixated, moi?

Earlier last week, pre-Zip, I had already been flirting madly with the Buxom Wench, sending multiple texts and emails full of double entendre and explicit filth, and we had arranged ourselves a dirty date for Monday night. Monday comes along and BW arrives at my place and ooh, talk about giggling girlies! It was all deliciously 'first-date', at least from my end, somehow felt like being a teenager sitting in the movies and waiting for your companion to slip that arm around your shoulder! Sitting on the edge of the bed, talking about writing and partners and random nonsense, getting all shy and unsure of myself, of how this is done. Not like we don't know what will happen, and Sire is waiting on the quilt with the amyl and pump-pack of lube, but making it happen, well, there is a lot of fumbling and giggling! How long is it since I have undone a bra (don't even wear one myself anymore)? Who does what to whom and how? How does one ASK, or suggest, activities? Heehee! More giggles and wriggles and blushes and soft sweet silliness- girl-nookie can be so deliciously squishy... Figured it out eventually, and managed to get all harnessed-up and down to business. I LOVE having a cock! I like the weight of it, the feel of it against my clit when I am fucking, walking about with it wobbling about, getting blowjobs (any offers?) and feeling it slide between thighs and breasts and cheeks and that sense of 'yes' and privilege and joy when it is accepted into another's body...


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