Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trans All Of That

Check out the fabulous genderqueer documentary series Gender Rebel. Have only watched the first two episodes but have fallen in love with them all already...

'You're two women dating each other but you're not a lesbian couple. I don't get it'- says someone's aunt. Exactly! 'My breasts feel like two tumours on the front of my chest' says one of the subjects before top surgery. Precisely!

On a slightly tangental note, I had a weird toilet moment the other night at Uni. Was all frou-frou in makeup and big flouncy lace skirt and hair down so you couldn't even see the undercut and was in my normal-as-I-get office drag and as I came out of the bathroom this woman was entering. She looked at me, stopped dead in her tracks, stared for that split second too long, looked pointedly at the skirted figure on the door and, presumably reassured it was indeed the Ladies, continued on her way. Surreal. But made me smile, a lot.


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