Friday, August 25, 2006

Electrical Impulses

You know I hate to ask
But, are friends electric?
-Gary Numan

Generator. Switch. Double adaptor. Power surge. Transformer. High voltage. AC/DC.

If you want to wait 'til later
Hands off my detonater

- Melissa 'Read My Lips'

Bit banging. Blade server. Bootstrap. Buck boost. Daisy chain. Deterministic Jitter. Dithering. Force-Sense. Half-Flash. Handover. Human Body Model. Inductive Kickback. Leakage Inductance. Parasite Power. Partition Locking. Push-Pull. Recovery Time. Shock Sensor. Snubber. Spurious-Free. Strobe. Switching Regulator. Transconductance Amplifier.

We'll always be together
Together in electric dreams
- Moroder/Oakey

Click here for more electrical excitement.


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