Tuesday, September 05, 2006

La Shaggin' Wagon

Car, Girls, Surfing, Beer
Nothing else matters here - Dictators 'Cars and Girls'

4WD. LPG, or at the very least diesel. Maybe a van, or a station wagon. Boy would like a Ute, but I want something we can sleep in.* Under $4000. Sometime around January I reckon. Any mechanically minded folk out there feel free to comment. Never owned a car before, or even driven one :)

And in the back of the vehicle, all the essentials for road-tripping fun:

WD40. Rope. Ocky straps. Tool kit. Lamps. Torches. Mattress. Camp stove and gas bottles. Blankies. Pillows. Towels. Tarps. Pots, pans, cutlery, crockery. Coffee maker. Duct tape and gaffa tape. Knives, scissors, stanley knife. Lighter, matches. Sewing kit. Tent. Sunscreen. Insect repellent. Toy box. Binoculars. Esky/fridge. Curtains. CD player. Just about perfect?

*Yes, ute is possible to sleep in but not for me?


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