Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ella Dreyfus' Transman series

"I am what I always was. It's just been revealed to the world instead of being kept secret. I wasn't a woman who became a man - I never was a woman. I am a transgender person - I cross gender confines. I do not have to experience your restrictions - I surpass them."
Written by the subject of Transman

This is the most extrordinary photo series by
Ella Dreyfus. Check out the essays and press clippings too. Its from 2001, but heaven knows I was nowt but a curious straight girl in the 'burbs at that point and too scared to attend Mardi Gras events so I never saw it! As www.sydneytribe.com quite correctly states, it is:

'A challenging piece of work that documents the ultimate metamorphosis of an individual who defies orthodox concepts of gender and identity'.

The girl who sent me this link think she has all the photos at home and so might bring them in for me to perv at next week *SIGH*. Will let you know if she does!


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