Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zoo South of The Border

Born of the river,
Born of its ever-changing, never-changing murky water
Oh riverboat just rollin' along through the great great greasy city Huck standing like a Saint, upon its deck
If ya wanna catch a Saint,
then bait ya hook, let's take a walk...

'O come to me!, O come to me!' is what the dirty city
say to Huck...

- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 'Saint Huck'

Yep, you heard it right. Zoo be slipping underneath the radar and bringing her own peculiar brand of Harbourside Filthyness to the dirty old Yarra (flying down though, so more like standing like a Saint upon the landing strip)...

Get there around lunchtime on Monday 18th. Leave around 9pm Sunday 24th. SLIT launch Thursday 21st, and Beyond leather party Saturday 23rd. Anyone know anything else that should be on my travel itinerary (bearing in mind I will be researching most days)? Think there is a big Picasso exhibition on, and its the Melbourne Leather Festival at that time so should be plenty of perverts lurking about, but always looking for further artistic adventures, dirty nightclub adventures, kooky museaum adventures, messy pub adventures, and nice tourist-y adventures like good walks and eating European cakes on Ackland St-type adventures. Yummy! Chapel St, that pizza place with the kewpie doll on top, Dr Croft's, some place called Madame Brussels that comes highly recommended- and the Lactation Resource Centre most of the weekdaytimes.


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