Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunshine in the Rain

Hmmm... well, woke up all disturbed. Couldn't seem to make it all better, despite phonecalls. Wanted to go to Festival Of The Winds kite day at Bondi, but was too wet and cold, and, weirdly, windy, to be bothered heading down there. Decide the only way to get over this feeling of BLAH is to get pierced. So I text Rob, and get an appointment for 1pm. Shower, deal with hangover, head in there not sure whether to get a single labret or two lip pierings (bottom lip). Once I see the matching black spikes decide on the latter. Still found it hard to go through with (why? oh why? did a cheek spear three weeks ago but not a 14gauge needle scares me?), but had run into a friend on the train and dragged her in as moral support and somehow get myself all marked up and... first one goes in and its party-in-pants territory. Moan. Second one through and I am jumping about the chair in excitement. They feel beautiful, and look even better! Having trouble eating with any real finesse, and most things served better in liquid form, but damn, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!

Milk almost flowing today, as in not drop but actually WET and squelching in the pump and dribbling down my tit. Started on milk thistle tea yesterday, and maybe that is it? Fenugreek tomorrow too, so should really be starting to get milky soon :)

Weekend roundup: Bear party Friday night. Great to catch up with my boys, but music really bad and feel kind of flat somehow. Saturday night covered in previous post. Tonight went to see CODA and a whole pile of performers and DJs at the Tilbury to celebrate the start of Spring. Dress myself all up and head off with Beanz and NattieTheFlattie. Driving, which is nice 'cos pissing rain again. Get there, find people to chat to, flirt about, drink beer, find Boy and his friend and scoff free oysters and dance, more beer drinking and chat more and flirt about more and wind up home before 10pm. Quite a nice night really, though not without its uncomfortable moments. Just want to cuddle really, so curl up with NTF on the floor with a blankie and watch animation on cable TV. FamilyGuy helps somehow!

Hmmm. Think maybe this is a week to just concentrate on studying and writing shows and stuff and leave my 'private life' to take care of itself. Be at Sly on Wednesday, of course, and alread have plans to be naughty. Not to mention the shenanigans planned for Hellfire this coming Friday *lol*. What to do? Just keep on going, and hope for the best...


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