Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Pocketful of Fancies

Some links that are making me smile this morning:

Exquisite taxidermy, jewellery and leather accesories by Julie De Ville at Disce Mori. I have a very wrong attraction to the 'Prey' brooch, and the Dragon black sheepskin gloves with the antique blue lace. Ahh, takes me back to my childhood: a freezer specifically for storing skins, the fridge with its dead things in various states of scaling, gutting, pluckingand skinning, catalogues of glass eyes and deer heads on the dining room wall. Just so happens that most of her Aus stockists are in Melbourne... hmmm... where IS my credit card?

A beautiful blog on waves, sport and masculinities by one of my favourite Gender Studiers (he wrote his PhD on surfing). There is a lovely draft paper analysing masculity through surfing ,Sensual Economy of Boys, that is very much worth a read.

Also, some silly creature called Yumi on Channel V just answered some viewer's question on why you should feel guilty about masturbating with some nonsense about not being productive or educating yourself or your friends or doinganything for world peace. This pissed me off so much that I went through the tedium of joining the bloody message board and posting the following:

Q) Why SHOULD you feel guilty about masturbating?
A) Because you are not doing anything productive with your time or to improve world peace. Or educating yourself or your friends.

Not be trite, but: as opposed to watching music videos?

I would argue that masturbation, if one is not plagued by uneccessary notions of guilt or shame, can be a VERY productive activity. Its relaxing. Orgasms put you in a good mood, which makes you nicer to be around. Gets you in touch with yourself (no pun intended) and your own pleasure. Makes you a better lover, as you know what you like and can share this with your partner/s. Makes you smile. Improves your body image, as you get to love your body not just for the way it looks but for the pleasures it can offer. And if world leaders spent more time masturbating than trying to sublimate their sexual tension by blowing other people up, then...

Not expecting any sort of reply, but maybe one or two of the kiddies will read it and realise that Yumi was being simply idiotic. Actually, doesn't look like it has even been posted! Ouch! Maybe a Masturbation Generation protest action outside V is in order? Hurrumph!


Anonymous SharntSayNo said...

Well shit.

And here I thought masturbation was just to help me go to sleep ;)

1:55 am  

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