Friday, September 15, 2006

Its all in the Fist

Have a feeling there is much to update here, as seems like I have had quite a hectic week! But for now, I will just tell you the dirty stuff:

After many trashy evening of butterfly kisses and flutterings and hair bondage the Whoretic and I finally consumated our flirtations. Seems like my red hanky may occassionally stray to the right after all. Have almost got myself believing I was no longer that accomodating, but 'tis amazing how much I can stretch myself when I put my mind to it. My mind, a bottle of amyl, several beers, a Jagermesiter shot and a stubborn determined streak that wasn't going to let me give up this time! Also, took as quite long enough to get around to it so wasn't going to let it go that easily, I wanted to take as much as I possibly could. And I did ;)

Hmm. Whoretic was quite possibly the first HighFemmeIdentifying creature I have ever done the wild things with, and certainly has the longest (head) hair. Got to thinking somehow that maybe I am a Low Femme? Sounds rather fitting to me!


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