Monday, September 11, 2006

EarthDance and Bifusion this Sunday

I should be at this nice and early, to dance mylittlebits off before heading over to perform at BiFusion:

Earthdance Sydney 2006

Sunday 17th September 2006….. Sydney will unite over 222 locations…… from 50 countries……. with over 300,000 people to celebrate the 10th Annual Earthdance Global Festival For Peace…..In conjunction with United Nations World Peace Day (UN Day), Earthdance is a celebration of global peace, humanitarian aims and encourages local and international artists, community groups and the public in awareness and self development.

In 2005, Earthdance Assn Inc with the support of City of Sydney hosted one of the most successful global Earthdance community festivals in the world. Police estimated 20,000 attendees throughout the day at the 2nd metro Earthdance festival in Sydney. This year we are estimating over 25,000 attendees to the festival.

Earthdance Sydney is located at the Brick Kilns, Sydney Park…..St Peters/ Newtown…..The festival is a showcase of local and international artists, brought together to educate and interact with the community and each other. Facilitated by a tailored program, Earthdance Sydney program comprises cultural and alternative music, dance, celluloid media, fashion, cuisine, visual performers and entertainers creating an awe-inspiring, interactive experience for all attendees at no cost.

Then, come 3pm, it will be time for:

BiFusion's "Sunday Matinee's gone to the dogs"

Aurora Gallery
$10 / $5 concession & Bi-NSW members
Dramatic performance, dance, song, poetry, comedy, burlesque, acrobatics. There's no guarantee that the BiFusion folks will have all of this but whatever they have planned it will be fun, queer, and personal.

And don't forget Hellfire on Friday night. I will be assisting the boys from Polymorph with the 1am show, and it ought to be rather nice indeed :)


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