Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Curious Yellow?

Pumped again when I got here. Not AS yellow, and a bit more watery, but I took some photos anyway which I will download here when I get back to Sydney. Nobody seemed too excited or suprised about it as I was. Had been told that when inducing you didn't produce colostrum, and in addition to this I presumed that as I had already been getting thin white (fore?)milk that colostrum wouldn't be making an appearance. Have run out of Dom Peridone (or Mo Tillium if you prefer- they both sound like gangsters) and thinking maybe just try to kep going with the fenugreek and see what happens. Not pumping very often while on this trip, and don't want to dry it up completely.


Apparently asparagus consumption may turn my milk black. And green cordial or spinach may turn it green. This MUST be tried!


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