Tuesday, September 19, 2006


On an ancient and slow-moving computer at my lovely old ramshackle hostel so this is brief!

Melbourne is kind of sticky and grey, and around 18degrees.
Got out of airport around midday yesterday, and ears didn't pop until about 10pm last night. Sometimes I am okay on planes, other times that last half hour or so of descent is hellish. This time it was the latter so I pulled plenty of odd faces trying to relieve the pressure and virtually crawled under the seat in front trying to make it stop (though how I figured that would help I don't know!).
In the arvo pottered about getting to know Chapel St again. Then over to Fitzroy to have dinner with a Uni friend whow moved down here this year. Bimbo's $4 pizza nights are an institution, and I got myself the Organico- rosemary, pine nuts, soy cheese and pumpkin with an Asahi beer (ON TAP *swoon*). Then bed early.

Today head to Lactation Resource Centre to do some work. Then a place called Borsch, Vodka and Tears in Prahran for borsch/vodka/tears tonight with Aly.
Tomorrow is more LRC, and lunch with some Sloths, followed by a trip to the 'burbs somewhere to hook up with Yummy Mummy and her kidlet. Think I might actually try suckling the child and see what happens now that I have milk. Might just get away with it.
Thursday more LRC, and maybe some shopping in Fitzroy. There is a fabulously camp barber show there too so might get my sides wet-shaved- one of my favourite things! Then SLIT launch.
Friday more research, then drag king night in Collingwood.
Saturday not certain yet. But probably involve lots of ART as great stuff on at the NGV. And maybe Beyond, though not feeling up to leather boys at the moment, and will be an expensive night so... maybe try and find some rockabilly or punk bands or... just trawl around St Kilda looking for adventure.
Sunday butch/femme/trans lunch then who know? Home late that night.

Am so exhausted. Brekky, coffee, more coffee but had such a restless night and barely feel like I have slept. Emotional entanglements, and disentanglements, pre-occupying my mind day and night. Part of me wishes I was home hiding under my doona, the rest of me glad that I am here and being forced to interact with the world. And Melbourne is such a perfect place to be melancholy... its a bittersweet city.


Anonymous lil Rach said...

Aw, i wanna go to Melbourne..

...my ears do the same thing on planes, i curl up in my seat, hands over ears, screaming and sucking sweets so fast and hard it burns a hole into my tongue ,heh!!

-none of the above work. =)

7:26 pm  

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