Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Smiling in the rain

* Last night I came upon some little punk girlies screaming fake orgasms across a main road at passing respectable persons. They jumped when they saw me, told me how great my piercings were and that my purple froou skirt looked made me look like I should be skipping along. Occurred to me that perhaps I should be! But instead did a half-swish half-swoosh along to the tram stop.

* Pumped this morning when I got to the Lactation Resource Centre. What came out was YELLOW. Was mildly weirded out, but didn't photograph it. I should have taken a happy snap, because later that day I was walking past a big board showing you what different types of milk looked like, from different stages of breastfeeding. The first one was colostrum, the stuff that your body produces first thing post-partum and that is thick and full of nutrients. IT IS ALSO BRIGHT YELLOW! Damn, shouldn't have tipped my 'mutant milk' down the sink- should have tasted it at least as it appears it was the really good stuff. Next pumping it was back to being white, which was rather diappointing. Hoping that tomorrow is the same as today so I can take a picture and also show it to the women there. Will probably be grossing some of you out about now, but to me it is VERY exciting! And I bought myself the 'I make milk/What's your superpower?' t-shirt. The women there are very helpful and excited about work. One drove me home, and was telling me about her daughter 'she told me she was gay, no bi, but really she's just QUEER'. Fantastic! And I am finding TONS of articles that will be extremely useful for my work, all sorts of quirky things filed in these huge folders from the last 30 years or so (and fortunately there is a database). Think I will need a couple of days more there.

* Hostel guests the usual mish-mash of Irish and Finnish and German etc. Fun people. Very cute woman in my room hit on me this afternoon, much to my surprise.
So, what are you up to? she asks
Oh, just drinking my morning coffee, says moi, you?
Just checking you out
Those lip piercings, what are they like to kiss with?
*Swoon*. *Gulp*.

Didn't get any further than that in the flirtation stakes, but had a lovely big chat about meditation and healing and general sorting out life stuff. Sweet.

* Then got to meet MA, the gorgeous ex-Sydney tomboy butch for Borsch, Vodka and Tears. I didn't have the borsch, but rather a plate of yummy little crumber pierogi (?) stuffed with porcini mushrooms and sauerkraut. Then tried the 3 Vodka tasting deal, served in delicate little crystal glasses. Black pepper potato, bitter and medicinal with 23 herbs and spices, and wild orange. Magnificent! On the menu was an extraordinary array of pineapple, horseradish and cranberry, wild honey, prune, ginger, raspberry leaf, vanilla, sour cherry and honey, wormwood, chilli, guiness etc infused vodkas. Martinis, all manner of cocktails, maybe half a dozen various absinthe concoctions, and a huge range of mostly Polish foods. No Tears either, but plenty of laughs.

* And then I got to walk home in the rain with no umbrella, have some tea and a hot shower and about to crawl all warm and freshly scrubbed into my bunk bed. Melbourne just has such a lovely pace and style to it! If it wasn't for the cold I do believe I could live here for some time. So many art galleries and quirky little shops and hole in the wall bars and... sure the novelty would wear off after a while. Quite a while though.


Anonymous SharntSayNo said...

Melb's novelty wouldn't wear off for a while for me too.

I do love that place! So many discoveries waiting to happen on an afternoon walk!

Green with envy. Don't forget to do the Victoria Markets tea shop on Sunday!


12:19 pm  
Anonymous Hunter said...

I love Melbourne, and miss it terribly. Make sure you have plenty of fun for me. Yay for punklings and cute grrls. Thinking filthy things in your general direction


12:25 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

One thing that my friend MA did point out was a distinct lack of andro types down here, and that it was more strict butch/femme than genderqueering/fucking/reinterpreting... This may explain the behaviour of a certain butch Melbournite last week at the Sly when confronted by snogging 'Femmes'. What you reckon Hunter?

And I am thinking filthy things in ALL your directions!

1:19 pm  
Anonymous whoretic said...

Your lip piercings make kissing (and other things) an interesting experience. Not pain so much as the anticipation of it heightens the experience of everything. You're definately one of the more hazzardous bonks I've had. ;)

That sleazy butch at Sly's reaction to femme on femme pash was just bizzare though - just like str8 boys reaction to dykes in general. I can't remember the last time I felt so creepily objectified in queer space. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! However, if I must be objectified, happy a spikey Zoo-thing was involved.

2:37 pm  

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