Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mods, Bods and Performing Zoo

This little creature on the right is the Monster of Ravenna. Think it will be my next tattoo, going up my spine.

And investigating more unusual bodmod stuff. Check out the beautiful 'biomechanical jewelery' and implant work by Jesse Jarrell. And when you have finished ooohing and aaahing, have a look at the Psymbiote Project.

Am also looking for inspiration/designs for a facial cutting. My favourite cutter, Lukas Zpira, will be out here in November and I want to get a nice piece done. Not too flowery, more biotech/circuitry inspired. Probably do the right side of my face, from my forehead (just above the middle of my eyebrow) going around and down to above level with the top of my ear. Following the contours of my face. Does that make sense? Any ideas?

Speaking of Lukas, he and his luscious wife Satomi will be performing at L'Erotica at Stage 11 on November 25th. Midori will be performing too, and also Bridgett Harrington. And Zoo, though can't tell you who with or what I am doing. Secret!

And while on the subject of performing:
Thursday 26th October at Lan Franchis. Event starts at 8pm, with my spoken word 'milk piece' at around 8:45pm. From what I know it is a women's night of performance and music and such, with discussion led by Norrie and my mate Jenz.

Also, should be doing a show with the US band The Genitorturers on the 11th of November in Sydney, and possibly the 18th in Melbourne too.

Then of course, December brings a Hellfire installation for me and the PolyMorph Boys.

Wouldn't mind working on a few more little shows. Have offered to do some at Sly (solo, and with Whoretic), so will just wait and see if they call me. Maybe Kooky? The Newtown?

And on a totally random note, Ingi just sent me this delightful Pterodactyl Porn to cheer me up. It worked :)


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