Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teen Angst Poems

Beanz pointed me in the direction of the brilliant Teen Angst Poetry , which features just what the name suggests, in sections such as I Am Alone (No one understands my pain poems), Breakups (I will never love again poems) and "Them" (Poems about people who never had to write teen angst poems).

Here is an example by Sara Bynoe from the Breakups section, entitled 'Fuck you for ever loving me!'. The site does suggest that these pieces are best read out loud, and I do agree entirely. Beanz and I have been having much fun doing just that, particularly with rhyming pieces such as this:

I woke up today except I stayed in bed
Why? Because I may as well be dead
My life is over and I am alone
You left me, now I stare at the phone
I wait for you to call
But I am pushed up against a wall
You said "that's it"
Now here I am feeling like shit
I can't sleep or eat
All I do is cry
I'm just going to stay here and wonder "why?"
It makes no sense to me to drop the relationship we had
You've gone and left me
You've gone and now I'm sad

I never did anything to hurt you
I don't know why you chose to leave
I thought my life was perfect
Now I'm so hurt I cannot breathe

I guess you didn't love me like I loved you
Because you are gone and said "were through"
You have hurt me but you are too selfish to care
You through away a love that was so rare

I guess it is your loss
And I am to blame
I took it too seriously
Because for you it was just a game (asshole)


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