Sunday, October 01, 2006

Long Weekend Shenanigans

Friday night went to Newtown for a quick beer and then on to Kooky. Beautiful people, beautiful music, everything shiny and pretty but too tired to get into it for more than a few hours- then I crashed around 3am and just had to crawl home in a cab.

Saturday arvo wandered vaguely around Enmore, watched some of the AFL grand final at the pub, and downsized the bars on my spikes before heading off to MasterSuze's birthday BBQ. Got there first so got to be barbie-bitch (see left). Mmmm! Something so satisfying about wielding the tongs and poking the snags! Flitted about, drank some beer, ate some vegie sausages and cake and waved a sparkler about. H had bought his boot kit so had a rather nice polish on the back steps, so to speak, before heading off to the Yummy Mummy's birthday drinkies a few blocks away. Sleepy, so just chatted for a bit, played with the Suckling One, had one schooner and jumped into yet another cab. Rather nice to be home and in bed by 11 on 'Sleaze night'.

Sunday headed to Ashfield with Beanz, then over to Whoretics to play dress-ups before Gurlesque and Bad Dog. BD's theme this time around was Pee Emm... hmmm... Pee Emm... it was either going to be going as Little Johnny (ick), a Wet Dream, Pre-Menstrual, a Piss Pig or Cath Eter, leader of the Piss De Resistance (my long-planned all-grrl guerilla group reclaiming public space through pissing on it). Was thinking the latter- yellow singlet and 'pee-stained' shorts, name-badge and... hmm... would a Piss Pig have a little yellow snout and matching curly tail? Alternatively, decided I could just froufrou up as one does in the PM (and often the AM in my case)...

Ah, well, sometimes I just get lazy when it comes to costumes! In the end went with the easy multi-purpose outfit option for Gurlesque and Bad Dog- red shiny boxers and a long red dress with holes cut out all over it and lots of silver sequins. Red stars and silver glitter on my face, red lippie. Had never worn that dress out before, and it certainly works, with everyone from the lovely ladies at the Impy to piles of sweaty boys at Marrickville Bowlo.

For Gurlesque cage-dance wore furry black legwarmer thingies with silver stripes and buckles, black rubber knickers (both borrowed from Whoretic) and Sire. Was scared about dancing, especially when the cages turned out to not be downstairs in a dark corner but right on the stage. In the end it was much easier than I imagined, and I got my share of attention and pussy pounds (amongst other favours, thankyou Whoretic and Hunter) while the Buxom Wench out-shimmied and out-wiggled me in the next cage. Delicious!

BD was brilliant. Couldn't fault it in the least- the crowd, the DJs, the quirky venue, and an amazing assortment of friends all shimmery and scrumptious and sweaty (only one person I who wasn't there that I really wish had made it)... Decided against taking any sparkly stuff, instead dancing my boots off 'til 6 on nowt but adrenalin, Red Bull and beer. Finally hobbled back to Beculum's for more beer and flopping about in the sunshine, then sleep and snuggles and sleep and some surreally sublime shagging and more sleep. Pizza and dozing on the lounge with the Sunday papers. Sweet day all around.

Think I might be getting sick though, ears and throat getting sore and glands in my neck up. Dang! Vitamins, ibuprofen, lots of water, lay off the alcohol for a while. Mocktails for me!


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