Monday, November 20, 2006


Almost too exhausted and frantic to post the weekend's shenanigans. But here's a quick rundown for the curious:
* Friday went to Hellfire, and somehow lasted there until 4am without either a) drinking or b) being rude with anyone in the toilets. Quite a good effort I think!
* Saturday met with the boy who is designing my facial cutting, then toddled off to Sculptures By The Sea. As always, was brilliant. Slight sunburn, the smell of BBQs and sunscreen and the sea, and the sculptures... Just perfect! Selected highlights: barricades and tape that were wrapped around various points along the way and stated 'Free Art. Before Art Frees You', a metal man with wings and webbed feet reclining on a bench, giant red anemone scattered across the rocks and an icecream van melted into the sand at Tamarama with its music playing at half-speed. Came back to the ghetto, had a quick cranberry and lemonade with A Certain Boy at the Newtown (it appears we ruffled a few gayboy feathers by being too much of a 'straight couple' *heehee*), then met up with the Gentleman Caller. After some dindins and lazing about chatting GC and I headed down the road to Puppet's party. Where I was surrounded by yummy cuddly Bears *swoon*, and a few delicious girlyfriends. I was naughty though, and fell off the wagon. (Actually, was more like I wantonly and deliberately threw myself off with abandon than fell.) Very pissy and funny evening, lots of laughs and flirtations and nonsense conversation. Crawled out at silly o'clock and decided it would be good to have one for the road at the Sly, then somehow managed to stagger up the stairs to GCs.
* Then headed to the Glebe St Fair with GC and the Buxom Wench on Sunday afternoon. Was a nice wholeseome adventure involving a doll, a snowcone, frilly knickers, a sausage sandwich, more frilly knickers, a japanese pancake and distributing L'Erotica flyers. Afterwards found ourselves at the Fox, ran into a few friends, played lots of pool, drank some beer and then... well... being a Lady I won't go into all of the sordid details. Suffice to say that somehow GC, BW and I ended up having an utterly debauched evening in the Den of Iniquity. 'Twas full of delicious surprises and well worth the wait! (Heck, I even rediscovered my SwitchyBitch side. Think this means I am getting my confidence back somehow, as when I'm all insecure I tend to turn into a do-me queen.)
* UpAndComingAdventures:
L'Erotica on Saturday (25th)- if you are there, make sure to be watching the stage around 2am.
Conferencing- Will be away (in the 'Gong, and out Unholy Capital) from Thursday Nov 30-Friday Dec 8th presenting papers, listening to papers, watching circus acts, schmoozing with Academics and genereally being bewildered and wondering what I got myself into. Getting very scared about this as have only written one of the three papers so far *gulp*.
Cutting- only about a week to go before I get my new artwork. Yay!
Hellfire- Dec 15th. Looks like quite a crew will be going this time (including a strange assortment of Fox-related folk). And of course, I'll be doing a very naughty festive show with Modified Souls.


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