Sunday, March 25, 2007

Plastinated People

The Amazing Human Body: The Anatomical Display of Human Bodies, is on now at Moore Park, until June 11th:

'... an educational exhibit that is intended to provide audiences with a unique and educational perspective on the inner working of the human body by viewing real human specimens, preserved through a method called "plastination".The specimens are dry and odorless, and remain unchanged for a virtually unlimited amount of time, making them truly accessible. These characteristics lend plastinated specimens inestimable value both for training prospective doctors and for educating non-professionals in the field of medicine.The exhibition presents approximate 400 real human specimens, including 18 whole bodies and individual organs.'

Ever since a girl at Uni attempted to woo me by sneaking me into the dissection museum* I have had a fascination with people in jars. And this goes more than one step further... sigh...

So who wants to go play with the Plastinated??? Adult tix $23, concession $19, book through Ticketek or take our chacnes on the day (tix are apparently dated).

* The wooing didn't work too well. Although I did have quite an intense lust for the smell of her lab coat and dissection kit when she came out from cutting up specimens... think it was just the scent of formaldehyde?



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