Thursday, September 27, 2007

Faces In Places

Late in a recent afternoon I decided to have a little snooze. The darkness was just beginning to settle into my bedroom. The light was soft, I was wrapped in my blankie and just about to doze off when I saw The Face In My King Gee Overalls. Said overalls where crumpled against my towel rack, and this hooded visage was looking right at me. Against more regular logic it was curiously disturbing, and kept me awake (but not awake enough to actually rearrange the overalls into a less face-y pile) for ages. And now, the ever-quirky Ali sends me this link to the FacesInPlaces blog. Brilliant!

Oh, time to get to my free Uni drinks now. Such a marvellous sunny day I've been having! Watched gorgeous friend get gorgeously tattooed (oh, the SMELL OF INK! *whimper*), hung out with some of my family for a bit, ran into Princess and remembered just why I think she is so fabulous (such a positive energy about her!), found myself and some of my lovelies in the social pages of SX, had an organic fetta and pumpkin tart for lunch, and ran into MimInBoots and finally scheduled a time to make our first short film piece. We're doing it this Saturday, and its looking VERY promising! And that's about the half of it! So INSPIRED at the moment!

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