Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad Dogs and Goddesses

The next day Hera took off her tassles and upped her attitude and headed off to Bad Dog's Nocturnal Emissions party. Oh, such costumes! Such music! Such dancing! Such sparkling company! Due to a glitter, body paint and tardy cab combination it was a rather late arrival, but still plenty of time to make merry. Then watched the sunlight come up over the bowling greens, chatting and cuddling with some lovely folk before heading back to Beculum's backyard with a bunch of trashpuppies. TCM had brought the HyperHounds, so I lay in the shade on a beanbag drinking beer and talking about anything and everything and thoroughly enjoying throwing a slobbery ball to the beasts. Eventually fell asleep, then moved to the lounge to listen to the last ones standing cavort and feel the warm breeze blowing through the house and dozing on and off for hours... Its the first real taste of summer, and already I am aching for bush doofs and caravan parks and hours spent floating in rockpools. Everywhere smells like jasmine...



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