Monday, October 01, 2007

Looking For Democracy

Aussie Icon Schappylle Scragg Bares All in the name of
Keeping Australia Beautiful.

Scragg will host an auction of priceless art works -
making art accessible to the ordinary aussie - in
order to raise funds for The Greens campaign in the
federal election.

In addition scragg is presenting some of her own
unique works, documenting the life and times of
Schappylle Scragg and Concerned Alert Citizens
Australia, CACA. Other artists have also shared some
of their creative work inspired by the greatest nation
on earth.

The exhibition will be launched in a special night of
performance and marketting, where patriotism and
Aussie ingenuity meet and marry.

From 6-9pm at Mori Gallery (Sydney)
168 Day Street, Sydney
This Thursday, 4th October

Schappylle says even her hubby Darryll is thinking of
coming along to show his suppport.

Yes, Darryll may well be there. In his favourite wifebeater even.

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