Saturday, January 05, 2008

Small Morsels Of Joy From Abroad

Thinks that have made me happy in the last wee while: seeing Bearlesque do a Xmas pantomime at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the tboy I've been playing with- good conversation AND good shagging, seeing the Trolley from Aus, hanging out with the Lads at Bonnington cafe eating great vegan food, drinking lager, getting my boot fixed, CyberDog gloves, (and rubber mask, rubber tie and disco bag), Hampstead Heath in the snow, the big fountain outside Buckingham Palace, the avant garde exhibition at the British Library, the Wellcome Museum Library, having not very much hair and not wearing a hat, the really dodgy free papers they hand out at Tube stations, chavs, scallies, and my stripy scarf.

And my current obsession with moss, lichen, mould, damp decaying leaf matter, cold clammy tree flesh raw where the bark has fallen away...

Sweden tomorrow. The joy of knowing that soon I will fill my mouth with the taste of sour fish and random pickled and vinegary delights until my eyes water and my tastebuds wince!



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