Monday, March 24, 2008

Milky Media

As today is all about self-loving and repair (dyed my hair, had a mud mask, indulging myself by buying new office supplies and spending time writing), I decided to post this piece Katrina Fox wrote about me in SX, instead of just giving you a link:

'While some abstract and performance art can be painful to endure, other pieces eschew brilliance. Penny Arcade and Lydia Lunch spring to mind, and on the local front Sydney has some amazing artists, such as Zoo, a visually stimulating, highly intelligent, passionate genderqueer ‘freelance provocateur’ who will stop at little to entertain or provoke you.

Whether dangling from a steel hook by her shoulders or thrashing around on stage to Nina Hagen, Zoo never ceases to gain your attention and make you think. Hir latest creation is Curdle, an “an endurance-based installation piece, where the main activity performed is inducing lactation”. Yes folks, Zoo will be producing milk from hir titties!

The main point of the installation is to explore altering the form and functionality of the body and how bodies are gendered. “The first part of the piece will concentrate on the process of inducing, documenting the changes to my body and what milk I produce,” Zoo tells SX.

“The second part of the piece, once lactation has been achieved, will involve myself and other artists creating a series of milk-based pieces, by using the lactation process and the actual milk itself as inspiration, as material, or both.” It sounds like fascinating stuff so check it out between April 9-19 at the Don’t Look Now Gallery, 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill ('

Heehee! I love my life again already!



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