Monday, March 24, 2008

Super-Pervy Cowness At The Show

As the Show was largely sponsored by Dairy Farmers, it was not lacking on cow motifs (as you have seen in my earlier posts). As part of the fireworks there was also a strange laser animation show, featuring a country bloke in an Akubra hat and cows frolicking across the field. As part of this, they played a strangely mixed/remade (?) version of Land Down Under, and when it got the the part 'I met a strange lady/she made me nervous' there was one such cow, being kinda seductive if my memory serves me, followed by 'she took me in/and gave me breakfast' and a switch to a man drinking a glass of milk. It was all rather perverse if you ask me, and almost too much to cope with after a Physical Culture display, the precision driving team doing the same routine I have seen for the last twenty years or so, the imaginatively named Danger Man and Danger Woman doing a very dangerous but ultimately tedious highwire bike act, blokes bouncing on bulls, a whole parade of utes, and some VERY hot freestyle motorX bike boys. Delirious puddle of Zoo... After the earlier near-swoon at the woodchop, thinking about a certain person's biceps, an axe and rolling around in the hay, well, who said the Show was THAT wholesome? Saw several kinksters and queers of my acuqantaince throughout the day, and rumour has it theer were more lurking. All the fun of the fair indeed!

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